My name is Nandini, I was born and brought up in Goa, India. I came to the US in 1999 after marrying my husband who I met in Engineering School. After I got hired and fired within a couple of week during the dotcom bust, doing odd jobs for couple of months I felt I wanted to do something on my own. I wanted an option to stay home once I became a mom. And so finally after working in marketing and sales for many years I finally have started my own small business, so that I can stay home with my 2 small kids.

Being in the country from Goa it is hard to find Goan Cuisine or Goan spices even though there are a lot of Indian restaurants and store in LA where I live. The flavor of goan cuisine is so different from the rest parts of Indian (read my article on “Goan cuisine history ” on my blog  )and I felt maybe it was time to introduce goan cuisine and goan spices to US and to also cater to the goans like me living here looking for a place to find its famous spices. And so my love for food and cooking led me to start my blog and Goan Imports.

At Goan Imports we work extremely hard to bring the right brands of spices that have the real authentic flavors. I try the recipes in my kitchen and tweak them when needed to make it as authentic as I can remember from growing up with my mom’s cooking. I always loved her cooking as she would make healthier foods without compromising the flavor and that is my goal. You can also gift these spices to your loved ones who like to cook. Jazz up your parties by incorporating these spices in your appetizers or main dishes as they are so versatile.

We want Goan Imports to be more than just a regular spice store and we encourage everyone to use our products to bring out the chef in you while eating flavorful and healthy food and making your everyday cooking fun and easy. We also would love to hear from you and your ideas as to how you use our products.

Please enjoy while you visit with us !!!