Since my second son was born it has been a long road to shedding the extra weight I gained. My only solace was that it was a typically situation with most moms I knew and though I felt unhappy inside I just could’nt  get myself to start the dieting. I just kept shrugging it off. Till you reach a point enough is enough. Next was to get  hubby to jump the bandwagon as I felt it was hard to deal with 3 sets of  menus kids, hubby and me.

With husband on board, we got onto a detox program called “Energize your life”. Its a simple easy plan that is gluten free. The detox is not complicated like most diet plans and you start off with a 1200 calories a day. I had done it after my first son was born and had lost the extra 15 pounds in 4 months and I followed the recipes on the book to a “T” only problem, it was too bland for my taste.

This time around I wanted to change it a bit without compromising on the calorie count but keeping my food exciting. My weakness is desserts and as i was craving for something sweet I stumbled on a chocolate cake in a cup recipe which I modified to make it gluten free.

Growing up in Goa we used to consume a lot of red millet for porridge and also for Christmas sweets( recipe to follow sometime later). You can imagine my shock to find out that in the US it is used mostly as bird feed. Let me encourage you why you should incorporate millets in your diet or at least consider it. These are a few of my finds online.

1. Millets contain no gluten, perfect for a gluten free diet which is the latest  buzz.

2. As none of the millets is closely related to wheat, they are appropriate foods for those with celiac disease or other     forms of allergies/intolerance of wheat.

3. Millets are rich in B vitamins (especially niacin, B6 and folic acid), calcium,  iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

4. In the case of red millet, 3 grams of good fat for every gram of bad makes it a heart-healthy grain choice.

5. Red millet does not naturally contain any sodium. Perfect for those with high blood pressure.

I am not a doctor or any sorts of expert these are just my online finds. So please do not hold me liable …just saying.
2 tbsp red millet powder
2 tbsp almond meal
1 egg
1 tbsp sugar/ 3 single pack splenda
3 tbsp melted butter/ olive oil
1 tbsp chocolate hazelnut butter(Justin’s brand had 60% less sugar)
3 tbsp chocolate malt
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp chopped cashews
2 tbsp of fat free / 2% milk

Mix all the ingredients together well in a small bowl with a whisk or a fork and divide it into 3 equal portions(This is a single portion size but if you are on a diet, portion control is the best to get the cravings satisfied without the additional calories to burn off later.) Pour in microwave safe cup and microwave it to 25sec to 1.5minutes depending on your microwave. Mine gets done in 25sec as my setting is on high.

If allergic to nut eliminate the cashews. I like nuts in my dessert. Enjoy!!!

Gluten free Chocolate cake in a cup