A quick and easy pork vindaloo cooked just as its done in Goa. The place of its origin. Vindaloo is a dish that is cooked most often for occasions and celebration. Traditionally it is made with pork meat and the spice mix is ground with coconut vinegar which gives its unique flavor. Being from Goa and away from home I have tried many of the vindaloo dishes but none have been able to compare, first it misses the coconut vinegar and second the gravy is not creamy or thick. The prep work needs to be done a day before for the best results.
Ingredients for pork vindaloo.
Ingredients for pork vindaloo.


2 lbs pork meat with a little bit fat.
4 tbsp Vindaloo Masala (Goan Imports)
2 tbsp Salt
2 tbsp Seasoned Vinegar
1 tbsp fresh garlic Paste (don’t compromise on the fresh)
1 tbsp fresh ginger Paste (don’t compromise on the fresh)
1 tbsp Sugar (optional but it does enhance the flavor)
2 medium Onions cut finely
1 cup Water
additional Salt to taste

Marinate meat overnight.
Marinate meat overnight.

Cut the pork meat into 2″ cubes. Apply salt, seasoned vinegar, ginger, garlic, vindaloo paste and sugar, marinate overnite.

Add 3 tablespoon of oil and slightly brown the onions. Add the marinated meat and saute for 3 to 5 minutes. Add a cup of water and salt to taste. Then cover and simmer gently, stirring occasionally, until pork is cooked through, about 40 minutes. Do remember for any type of curries “Its slow and steady that wins the taste“.
It is served with steamed rice cakes called Sannas, but you can serve it with plain rice, pulao or french bread ( the chewiness) is similar to the Pao (Bread) that is made in Goa.
Great recipe for a gluten-free diet, high protein diet. If you want to cut the fat in the recipe use lean pork meat. Can be cooked with chicken, beef, lamb, goat meats. Make you everyday food exciting.
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Pork Vindaloo
Pork Vindaloo