This recipe of Beef Chilli Fry brought back a lot of memories during my teenage years. It’s a smart way to use leftover cooked beef like the one I used from my last weeks recipe Beef and Potato Curry. A simple 2 step process with just 3 ingredients. Leftover beef, onions and green chilli/ jalapeno. The flavor of the cooked beef and sautΓ©ed fresh jalapeno and onions give the recipe its distinct flavor and taste. what more can a cook who loves to cook easy delicious recipes ask for. You can eat it for brunch, side dish along a meal or be creative.

beef-chilli-chillies-fry-goan-recipe-south-indian-appertizer-ideasIn my earlier post I had mentioned that Indian breakfast are more savory. My childhood memories of breakfast are of fresh-baked bread, butter, cheese, eggs, salami (which is a smaller version of Italian mortadella) or chapatis (rotis). Plain Corn flakes where available in the 90’s and oatmeal was only when you were sick. My siblings and I enjoyed making this recipe on Sundays after church for breakfast. It was something different from the usual along with some cooked down leftover Goan Prawn curry.

beef-chilli-chillies-fry-goan-curry-roast-recipe-videoServing Size: 4-5


beef-chilli-chillies-fry-goan-ingredients-recipe-video2-3 cups of leftover cooked beef cubed

2 medium onions chopped length wise

2-3 devein green jalapeno (chilli) julienne

Salt to taste


In a hot pan add oil and saute the chopped onions and jalapeno (chilli) till the onions are translucent.

Next add the beef and saute gently till well mixed and heated.


Serve with bread or rice. Make a Beef Chapati Kathi Roll or Tortilla Roll.Β  As a mid-day snack serve it on a crostini or toasted bread. You could drizzle a yogurt sauce or some pico de gallo.