In the last 10 years Indian food has grown extremely popular in the US. Being in the US for the last 15 years I have seen that we in the US have become more explorative with spices and cuisines. The main stream media like the Food Networks and people inclining towards alternative medicine are creating awareness of the spices used in Indian cuisine and their health benefits. But as a Goan our cuisine has a different level of flavor. My goal is to create an awareness of this cuisines as it’s a blend of Indian and Portuguese with a bit mix of Arabic and Asian flavors that gives it, it’s uniqueness. Goan cuisine has various influences that are felt in both the Christian and Hindu households. The Portuguese brought potatoes, tomatoes, pineapples, guavas and cashews from Brazil to Goa. Of these tomatoes and potatoes were not accepted by the Hindus until the late 20th century. The most important part of Goan spices the chili, was introduced to Goan cuisine by the Portuguese which became immensely popular. The above mentioned ingredients were not used in Goan cuisine before the Portuguese.

Seafood, coconut milk, rice, and local spices are main ingredients of Goan cuisine. The area is located in a tropical climate, which means that spices and flavors are intense. Use of Kokum ( A sour plum which has a deep rich red color) is another distinct feature along with Goan chilies are also a must for most dishes, as is tamarind. Goans make their own version of vinegar from toddy. Rice, fish, and coconut are the basic components of the typical Goan food platter. Food made from these three items can be expected in nearly every Goan meal. Then there are innumerable Preserve, Pickles and chutney that are typical of the state.
So take the leap and experience something new.

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