This Goan recipe is not seen in many households like most of the popular Goan recipes. But what I do remember most about this Prawn/Shrimps and Potatoes Curry is that at my home it was made mostly on Fridays and during lent. As IΒ  asked around to make this recipe I found out that some Goan’s knew about this recipe and some did not.

prawn-and-potatoes-goan-red-spicy-curry-recipeYou will be surprised that potatoes with prawn/shrimp really work. It is just like a good hearty bowl of Clam Chowder which is made with clams and potatoes but with a lot of heat. If you live in Los Angeles and have visited the San Pedro Fish Market then it is almost close to the Famous Shrimp and Potato Fajita that they make. On a side note the one that you find at Redondo Beach is not as close to what they make in San Pedro.

prawn-and-potatoes-goan-red-spicy-curry-paste-recheadoWe usually had it for dinner with bread and a side of cooked vegetables like these green beans and cabbage with coconut. You can check the vegetable recipe here.

prawn-and-potatoes-goan-red-spicy-curry-shrimps-coconutServing Size: 4-5


30-35 medium shrimps / prawns

1 medium russet potato cubed small

2 1/2 tbsp of recheado masala

1 small onion diced finely

5-6 whole cloves

4 garlic cloves

1/2″ grated ginger

1/4 tsp of whole cumin seeds

1/2 tsp of sugar

3/4 cup water

pinch of ground black pepper (mum says it helps in digesting the shrimps)

salt to taste


Wash the shrimps/prawns apply little salt, 2 grated garlic cloves and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pot add the cumin seeds, cloves and diced onions and saute till onions are soft.

Next add the recheado masala paste, ginger, garlic and pepper powder and saute for about 1-2 minutes.

Next add the diced potato, water, sugar, shrimp/prawns and season with salt cover and cook on medium heat for 12-15 minutes till potatoes are soften.

prawn-and-potatoes-goan-red-spicy-curry-recheado-masalaServe with rice or bread.