I have to credit my husband for pushing me to create more vegetarian recipes for my website. I am not sure if I had mentioned before, that when I try out a new recipe it has to turn out perfect, as I have no room for errors or ample time on hand. I am not the talented chef like a lot of people and it takes me about a week to develop one.

Indian food uses paneer a lot more than tofu. It is a milk based protein for the vegetarians but I wanted to use tofu for this Indian Spiced Grilled Tofu Recipe as it is easily available in the US then paneer. Plus it works well with a vegan, gluten-free and low-fat diet.

This recipe will definitely need a bit of your patience for the prep work. It was my first time working with tofu. Use only Extra Firm Tofu for this recipe.

Preparing the tofu for grilling

You have to press out the liquid from the tofu for about 20 minutes to be able to grill so that it does not beak apart when you are grilling. I got directions to press tofu from About.com. To do this on a cookie sheet place a couple of paper towels then the tofu followed by a couple of paper towel sheets another cookie sheet and a heavy pot on top. Change the paper towel after 10 minute.


Ingredients for Indian Spiced Grilled Tofu Recipe

Ingredients :

1 pack of extra firm tofu 14oz

2 tbsp of seasoned vinegar

2 tbsp of cafreal masala

Salt to taste


Directions :

* Once’s you have pressed out the excess water from the tofu cut it about 1/4″ thick and make the marinade.

* Mix together the cafreal paste, seasoned vinegar and apply to the sliced tofu and let it marinate in the refrigerator for at-least an hour.

* Heat the grill and spray it with some oil add the tofu and grill it for about 5-8 minutes on each side. If you like to bake it then warm the oven to 400F and place the tofu on a cookie sheet and bake it for about 15-20 minutes. Flip them over in-between.

* Once done brush lightly the remaining marinade. Serve hot with some drizzled olive oil.


You can serve it with Pulao Quinoa, grilled or sautéed veggies.