I really love this clam recipe that my mother makes. It’s not too spicy, lightly sweet and all the bold flavors of clams. You can also use this recipe of Tisreo ( Clams in Konkani) for making Crab Xec Xec. The clams that you get in Goa at the local fish market or the fisherwomen comes over with the early morning days catch are comparatively smaller than in the US. Life in Goa has the baker, fisherwomen and vegetable lady come at your door step,  how awesome is that.

clam-xec-xec-grated-coconut-recipe-tisreo-made-with-xacuti-masalaIt’s just been a week and a half and I have eaten more than half of my favorite foods in Goa. Thankfully the week has been a long week which makes me feel my trip is long. I managed to get a personal tour from the resident priest of Nossa Senhora de Piedade Chaple( A smaller sized church),  which is more then a century old. Where I have spent many hours as a child either as a participant or as a volunteer. A beautiful Chaple on the hill surrounded with lush greenery.

Nossa Senhora de Piedade

Serving Size : 4


2 -3 lbs of fresh clean clams

1 tbsp of xacuti masala

1.5 cup fresh grated coconut

1 medium onion diced fine

4-6 garlic cloves diced

1 medium tomato chopped

1/2 tsp of turmeric

1/2 tsp of cumin

1/4 tsp of ground pepper powder (helps in digesting the clams)

1 green chili (Jalapeño)

1/4- 1/2 tsp of sugar ( according to your taste)

salt to taste


Wash the clams and flash steam them to open. Take off heat and separate the empty side shell. Retain the clam juice.

To the diced tomato add a little salt so that the tomato releases the juice. Keep aside.

Grinder the grated coconut for 5-7 pulses in a mixer.

In a heated pot add oil, onions and garlic and saute till lightly brown and fragrant. Then add the cumin, turmeric,pepper powder, xacuti masala, chopped green chili and saute. Next add the tomatoes and saute for a couple of minutes. Then add the ground coconut, clam juice, sugar and season with salt.

Onces done, finally add the clams and slowly saute the coconut mixture so to cover all the clams.

Cook covered  for 7-10 minutes.

My lunch plate in Goa. Rice, Fish Curry, Recheado Stuffed Mackeral, Goan Smoked Pork Sausage and Red leave vegetable.

Enjoy with rice, fish curry and a side vegetable or with rustic french bread.